Our motto is to provide premium quality service to our customers’ network with the use of up-to-date technology and aspects that will prove beneficial to your organization.


We at Sunrise have a distribution network that penetrates across numerous places in India. We import premium quality products from the international markets namely US and Dubai and then provide them to the super stockists for our several distributors dwelling in India. The chain thus continues and eventually closes down to the retailers receiving our final product. Our team consists of efficient Sales managers, Brand managers and Product managers. We’ve recruited expert personnel in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the imports channel. Our Sales and Distribution Network enables us to plan, launch and execute the growth plans with meticulousness and this is reflected in our proven track record of several successful brand launches and sustainable growth. In addition to importing branded products, we also act as channelized partners to the people in our network and assist them to establish their ground in Indian markets.


Regular importers prefer to have their own buying offices in sourcing country for better co-ordination. If the importing companyis not a larger one - they outsource buying function by appointing buying agents. Buying Offices and Buying Agents identify vendors, negotiate rate, check in-process quality, and perform pre-shipment inspection and many other functions on behalf of buyer. While buying office act as a procurement office for buyer, Buying Agents usually receive a commission from the buyer for their work.

Selling through buying agent is beneficial for exporters too, as it is less time consuming and cuts cost. Exporter thus saves in marketing, courier, communication and overseas travelling costs.

Another advantage of selling through buying agent/house is significant reduction in business risk as buying agent representative keeps regular control over quality during production process. As goods go through pre-shipment quality inspection under supervision of buying agent - there is hardly any chance of getting quality complaint after the goods reach the destination.



At Sunrise, we’re aware of the significance of maintaining an appropriate distribution channel. We are one of the largest distribution organizations in Mumbai with an active direct customer as well as supplier base consisting of some of the biggest multinational and regional FMCG companies across India. We use especially designed vehicles, a prominent ERP system and an automated Logistics system for a proficient and reliable distribution reach.


Sunrise consists of a set of well experienced sales forces headed by managers with expertise in the Sales channel development. Over the years, we have developed a strong relationship with all the key customers. The sales team endeavors to bring in their category knowledge to the effective on-field application of products. We are also focusing on upgrading our tech for real time order bookings and sales tracking. Besides running a very successful last mile distribution enterprise for Mumbai, we also have a squad of sub distributors functioning with us for deeper market penetration across India. We undertake complete responsibility to manage the entire sales effort for our client brand. Since we have a dedicated sales force and marketing team for a specific brand, we ensure that the targeted growth in volumes is viably met.


We are the providers of the third party logistic services where companies outsource us a part of their Supply Chain Management function. We also act as CNF (carrying and forwarding) agents to some of the gigantic food manufacturers in the country.