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The above information is true to the best of my knowledge and we accept the terms and conditions mentioned in your price list.

Terms and Conditions

  • All Distributors should have valid Tin no. and GST and shall provide the copy of Tin no. GST and PAN copy.
  • All Distributors should have valid FSSAI license copy which shall be submitted with the form.
  • All deliveries of goods will be ex-company. The title and risk will be passed to the distributors on delivery of the goods
  • All Distributors should submit 3 Post Dated Cheques and 1 security Cheque
  • Either party can terminate the distributorship agreement by informing 15 days in advance with proper handover to company, if distributor found in wrong execution of scheme, offers, rates, etc. which is harmful to company reserves the rights to immediate termination.
  • All over transaction subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.
  • No any cash transactions with our company employees.
  • Company has no concern with market credit. Particular distributor is whole responsible for that.
  • If cheque will bounce then penalty will be Rest. 750/-.