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Terms & Conditions

  1. Kindly Attach price list with company profile.
  2. Payment Terms:

    1. No RTGS would be done in advance, The payment would be given only on the delivery of the stock which would be 50% of the stock value on first time only or Payment will be done only through Local LC(Letter of Credit)
    2. Company would provide bank guarantee of deposit against Goods for the amount with an PDC cheques. Bank Guarantee Format will be provided by our company, Also min % int on Deposited Amount , Any Goods unsold /Damaged returned company would be liable 100%
    3. Deposit given to Company would be 50% on the stock provide to us.
    4. The Company will pay % MARGIN excluding GST on MRP price OR % ON TRADE (pl provide in pricelist )
    5. No cash dealing with any person of the companies.
  3. Delivery Terms:

    1. The Company will pay Minimum amount of Rs. OR 2.5 % as freight charges which ever higher till the company sale is good enough
    2. The Company would pay Rs. as godown rent of only the space consumed be them (IF COMPANY IS NEW WITH NO SALE) OR % whichever high as per sale value.
    3. Transportation of goods will be arranged by the Company to our destination /Godown
    4. Further transport of goods loading/unloading & delivery of goods expense will be done by company.
    5. Any goods damaged while transportation Sunrise Enterprises would not be responsible company then company will reimburse that amount. In any event, sunrise enterprises will not be responsible for any damages to the goods during the transit from company's factory gate to sunrise enterprises location, even if Sunrise Enterprises arrange the transportation at the company's request.
  4. That this agreement can be terminated, if any terms and conditions is violated by either party by giving 1(one) month written notice to the effect.
  5. Sunrise Enterprises will not conduct any advertising and promotions.
  6. ASM/RSM/ZM If they could not provide the sales then the company would be responsible and remit our investment with minimum 2% interest.
  7. ASM/RSM/ZM will also clarify & responsible for stock. He will be 100% liable for any damage causing to CNF/SS/DISTRIBUTOR.
  8. Payment of staff would be paid by company.
  9. NOC of superstockist is compulsory for ASM where company, ASM & Superstockist has to sign & agree for this terms.
  10. ALL EXISTING company will provide sales proof with BANK BILL/STATEMENT,which would be verified by our C.A.
  11. OUR company representative & company ASM will verify with all your distributor with their annual sales.